He's Five and He Farts

“So, what are you going to accomplish now that you are five?!” I eagerly asked our birthday boy this morning as we were getting ready for school and daycare.

“Who cares!” he giggled back, proceeded by climbing up on my lap (while I was nursing his sister) followed by more giggles, a fart, and more giggles.

“Did you really just climb up on my lap to fart on me?!”


I’m pretty sure that means he loves me.

And that’s how we started our day with a new five year old. Some friends (who also have kids turning five this year) and I have talked about how five seems like such a milestone birthday. Their faces have slimmed and they’ve lost most of the chub from those squishy baby cheeks. Their toddler bellies have gone from looking like a 30 year old man who’s had one too many beers, to being a little more stretched out as their bodies have elongated and grown.

It’s easy to feel a little sad. I know, I know…some people with grown children, or teenage children will think “Oh, five is still so little!” And it is. But, it’s the oldest he’s ever been…it seems so bitter-sweet! I’m looking at him and I’m marveling at how quickly five years have gone. And I’m so so thankful to have had those years. So many snuggles, tantrums, scraped knees, and sweet memories.

I look at him and can hardly believe how well he articulates himself, and how conversations have become so much more…interesting. Before bedtime the other night, this conversation caught me off guard just about as quickly as our short one this morning:

Me: It’s time to say your bed time prayers.
H: I don’t want to.
Me: It’s important that we do. If not, Jesus might be sad.
H: Jesus is dead.

Touché, young grasshopper. Any attempt of trying to explain rising from the dead is going to be way over your head right now…so…let’s say our prayers anyway.

While he might not have a clue what he wants to accomplish this year, I’ve got a few things in mind:

  1. Learn to go up and down the steps with every other foot…PLEASE!

  2. Take a few risks…like putting your shoes on by yourself

  3.  Continue being the kind, gentle, sensitive, *sometimes naughty*, boy we have been blessed to raise.

Happy birthday to our big guy who loves his family and friends, Jesus (even though he’s dead), sprinkled donuts, Culver’s ice cream, but most of all…who loves all things National Geographic. May this year bring you many times to listen, learn, and love.

Bridget AschoffComment